Monday, October 13, 2014

Miss High School Pageant

On Saturday evening, I had the unique privilege of sitting in the audience and enjoying the Miss High School Pageant at the University of North Florida.  Our very own Rachel S. has been in chorus at Fletcher High School for the past four years.  Last year, she was crowned "Miss Fletcher" which provided her with the opportunity to compete in the pageant for the "Miss High School" crown.

Rachel is a charming and talented young lady who is poised, articulate and enjoys sharing her "gift of song" with others.  She is engaging in a dramatic presentation, a musical setting, or chorus concert and it's hard to miss her flaming red curls. She comes alive onstage and I was so glad to learn that she is going to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree after graduation in the spring.

Rachel was selected 2nd Runner-Up in the Miss High School pageant and we are very proud of her accomplishments.  She will be the featured soloist in our fall concert on Tuesday, October 14th.  She will also perform in the Drama department's fall show in November.  Congratulations, Rachel!!

Ellie, Rachel and Thea
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