Thursday, September 20, 2012

KMS Pep Band

On Monday, September 17, I was a very proud "mama" for two reasons.....

First of all, my youngest son is playing football for the Kernan Middle School Ospreys!

Secondly, many of my former music students from Chets Creek were playing in the Pep Band at the opening football game of the season!

The football team won its first game 28-26 and the band played like they've been playing together for many years.  (We're only four weeks into the school year and this is their second year of band instruction).

Almost 14 years ago, I birthed my second child.  Approximately 9 years ago, I began "birthing" little musicians who have matriculated through elementary music and are now maturing and honing their craft at the middle school level.

As I sat in the stands on Monday, I could not have been more proud!!

Kernan Middle School Pep Band

Until next time...