Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Going the Extra Mile

Today is DAY 3 of pre-planning.  I walked up to the front office for just a moment and upon my return, walked into one of the most beautiful teaching moments I have ever witnessed.  Two band students were in the chorus room working together as one.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  These were my thoughts as it was happening...

I am in my office while a blind clarinet player is working with his mentor in the chorus room.  He is in our marching band.  She records his part for him and he learns it by ear.  He cannot see the music, but he can hear it.

She is trying to help him learn the marching portion of the show by placing a flip-flop between his legs so he can march "corps style."  It is an awesome thing to watch.  There is a metronome beating audibly.  She sings while he plays so he knows where he is in the music and what foot he should be on at any given time.  I can't wait to go to the first football game to watch him perform.

It reminds me of Patrick Henry Hughes at the University of Louisville.  If you don't know Patrick's story, click on the link below and grab a box of tissues.

Until next time...