Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peas, Porridge Hot

This one absolutely blew me away!

A parent sent me this picture today.  The smile says it all.  The text in the e-mail stated, "Bella is teaching me music."  That was it.  THAT WAS HUGE!!!

Bella is one of my precocious little second graders who is mesmerized by everything we do in music. As of late, we've been working with poems - counting syllables, determining how the "rhythm of the words" align with the rhythmic notation, when to use a "tah" and when to use a "ti-ti," patting the steady beat with both hands, playing the rhythm of the words using alternating hands, etc.

Apparently, she has been showing her mother what we've been working on in class.  She correctly wrote out the poem and added the rhythmic notation above the words in the poem - just like we did in class.  It is a perfect rendition - even with quarter rests in all the right places!! I am beaming with pride.  My own children never did anything like this and I am absolutely flabbergasted.  What a special gift from a very special little girl!

Bella - I had a rather stinky day today at school, but your work has brought a HUGE smile to my face and to my heart!  Thanks for sharing your love of music with your mom.  Joy - thanks for capturing the moment and sharing it with me.

Addendum...I was told in a separate e-mail that she also used shish-kabob skewers on the floor to lay out rhythm patterns for her mom to practice.  (I used rhythm sticks in class!)  I am still laughing a day later.

Until next time...