Friday, March 18, 2016

National Association for Alternative Education

Spring Break began today and I spent the early morning hours with one of my students who had agreed to sing the National Anthem at the general session of the National Association for Alternative Education's annual conference.  Teachers from all over the United States converged upon the Sawgrass Marriott this week to share ideas and gain a better understanding of how we can help our students finish their high school years and receive their diploma.  If we, as educators, can help them understand that "the tassle is worth the hassle" and if they complete the task, their lives would be forever changed.  No one can ever take away your education.  That is one thing in this life you can hold onto forever.

The path to this invitation was rather circuitous.  It was brought to the attention of my current principal by the school's former principal.  The invitation then traveled through me (chorus teacher) to my student, Sammie.  Her family postponed their trip out of town so she could sing today and I am so grateful for their support.

Sammie played the lead role of "Dorothy" in our spring musical ("The Wizard of Oz") several weeks ago and did a beautiful job.  I knew she would represent our school well today, and she did.

I told Sammie that this was the "first of many opportunities" for her to represent Duncan U. Fletcher Senior High School in this way.  She is a freshman and I am thrilled to have her for another 3 years!

Thank you to Mr. Dane Gilbert, Mr. Don Nelson, Ms. Jackie Whitt and the NAEA Board for this opportunity.  Now that this performance engagement has been fulfilled, here's wishing all of my students a safe and restful Spring Break!!

Until next time...